Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We met bloggers, Cheryl and Debra

Hi, Cheryl!

Hi, Debra!

These photos were taken at the French Garden Flea Market last Saturday. The photos on top are Cheryl from Cheryl's Fascinatingfinds Debra from The English Cottage Collection When I saw Cheryl,I remembered seeing her picture from her blog. I particularly remembered her, because she was a cottage of the month and her decorations were just amazingly beautiful...Wow what a small world!

Cheryl and Debra both had a booth there. They sure had a lot of goodies!!! Michelle the owner of the Bella Cottage bought her truck loaded. hahahaha :D

It was really fun meeting bloggers in real world, especially meeting people so down to earth like Cheryl and Debra.

Thank you Cheryl & Debra for posing for my pictures!

A beautiful smile of my friend,Daisy!! :D

Isn't this a brilliant idea? They used an old chair to
put plants to make a beautiful mini garden pot.
I think that it was cute and really unique!

Okay Daisy, how much did we spend that day?


Melanie said...

Suzie, I love that birdcage. I hoped to find one like that this weekend, but no luck. I'll bet you all had fun!

kate said...

thanks for sharing the photos, i wish we had a place like that here, the weather loved as lovely as all the great pieces, i love the blue and white and dishes, and painted furniture and on and on
thanks again

melanie b said...

Hi Suzie - Had no idea you were a blogger. What a fun blog to read, indeed. :) I've seen the garden chair idea. My girlfriend had one years ago on her patio in Corona del Mar. I should have taken a picture of her bedroom in Hawaii. She actually had a housefull of Shabby before moving. I'll try to get a photo. My home was a bit shabby chic before my hubby moved in. I'll try and send you a picture of my front room before the makeover. Looking forward to reading your blog (in the days to follow). Great picture of Daisy, by the way.


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