Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This was my foster dog Stevie. Isn't he cute? He has the cutest eyes and short legs! He was finally adopted by a nice family last Sunday! My daughter was especially attached to Stevie while he was staying at my house. He slept with her at night and everywhere she went, he followed her around. She begged me to adopt Stevie, but deep inside she knew that we always have to leave a space open for a new rescued dog. That one open space will save a precious life and that is how it has been for so many dogs we fostered.
Stevie will have a good happy life with his new family. He is going to eat a lot of rice since his new family is an asian family. Ever since he first came to us, rice was his favorite treat!! I will always remember him as rice boy!


Tracy said...

What a cute puppy, I'm glad he found a good home. Is that your daughter in the picture? She looks like a little sweetheart.

Suzie said...

Hi, Tracy how are you doing?
Thank you! Yes, that's my daughter. She is 13 years old.
Your so lucky that your kids are all grown up and your still young!!
ENJOY, Tracy!!!


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