Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pipsy and Snowflake

These are my new foster dogs Pipsy and Snowflake. They were dumped together by their owner over a month ago. They were on a red list (scheduled to euthanasia this week )and our group rescued them out of the shelter last week. The shelter thinks Pipsy is about 14 years old and Snowflake is about 12 years old.

Poor Pipsy and Snowflake..getting ripped out of their home after 14 years and dumped in the shelter must have been a terrifying experience for them.

The shelter is packed with dogs due to large number of owner turn-ins! Since the economic crisis really hit, people are not just dumping one pet in the shelter; they are dumping two, three or even four at a time.

If you look at the LAAS website, you will see a lot of dogs coming in together with consecutive impound numbers. It's very SAD.


Cherrie said...

I don't know how their owners could do that! Having them that long, they are part of the family. Thank God you are there to help! They are so cute!

Tracy said...

Bless you for helping these poor little dogs. They are so cute, I can't imagine how anyone could have the heart to leave them. But I suppose we can't know what the circumstances were and maybe it was the only option for someone losing their home or income. You are doing a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

I loved both beatiful babies. Your have a big heart in fostering dogs. I'm a dog lover myself my hearts melts just to see them.
They are so sweet and beatiful.!

lakebrat said...

Ohhhhh that is so sad! They are so sweet. I wish that I could find a maltese in this area to love. I would much better rescue a dog than buy one. I have a rescued lab and he's just precious. I'm glad that you took those in. Makes me mad that owners would do that and just turn them in it would be like tossing away a family member...that's just not right.


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