Sunday, March 22, 2009

Country Kitchen in a High Rise Apartment

I found these kitchen make over pictures from a popular Korean web site. Land space in South Korea is very limited. Over 60% of the population live in high rise apartment complex and Koreans generally dislike living in a house. They  much prefer living in apartments, because of the convenience it affords. Most complexes are near shops, schools, entertainment, and provide building maintenance for tenants.

The owner of this kitchen is a house wife who made her modern kitchen into a warm and cozy country style  in her high rise apartment.

In her kitchen, from the kitchen cabinets, to all the furniture and decorating items were all made by her!

Although she lives in the other side of the world from us, I thought she shares the same passion and creativity in decorating as the  ladies at our blog spot and I wanted to share her make over photos with you. 


Melanie said...

Wow Suzie ... You'd never think that kitchen was in a highrise! Seems like she'd live in a cottage in the country with a beautiful garden just outside her door.

Shannon Marie said...

I love those kitchens! Great post. I am waiting for my never ending project of a house to have a finished kitchen lol. I will have to show you pics sometime of my kitchen lol. open beams but no finished yet, red walls, old board walls, and white cabinets and appliances, its a bit cute, but old old old,I want to update it with rooster colors. that is my swatch a rooster lol.


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