Saturday, March 7, 2009

Status of My Diningroom Re-decorations

This is a picture of my old dining room with-out dining table and chairs. I got rid of my dining set that i bought at Ikea and I've been looking for a nice antique dining table set ever since, but i haven't had any luck yet.

I've been re-decorating my dining room little over a month now.
I've showed you bits and pieces of pictures through my other posts and here is the picture of the progress I have made to my dining room so far.
Very shabby chic, huh?

I have to admit I still have a long way to complete my dining room project, but I wanted to go ahead and share the status of my dining room project with you. 

I plan to make the curtain and valance for the window next week. I also need to pick-up the chandelier that Esther bought me from the Thrift Store. I have to buy some prisms to decorate and hang them on the chandelier. I decided to paint the bench in the photo(bought it at Joannes) white and use it as a chair in the dining room. I'm going to throw on some cushions and pillows to make a warm and cozy feeling. My mom bought me the china sets from Germany years ago and i need to find a nice spot to display them. 

These are the next steps that I plan to do in my dining room.

I thank everyone for visiting my blog!
Have a nice weekend!


Tracy said...

Hi Suzie,

I love what you are doing in this room, it looks fabulous! I am painting a little tiny cabinet white and it is SO much work, I can't imagine how you did both those big cabinets. Did you paint the table also, or was it already white? Your dishes are gorgeous and really look nice against the white background. Have a great weekend.

Melanie said...

Your dining room looks great! It has a tea room feel to it. Its funny looking at your collections ... I like hobnail milk glass and my mom collects blue/white dishes so its interesting to see them all together.

kate said...

Hey Suzie,
its coming along great, the love the direction you are going, the yellow with the white and all your great dishes!! my mom also had white hob nail pieces (wonder where they are?)
best to you

lakebrat said...

Ohhhhhh Suzie that is just absolutely gorgeous! I love it! What a difference alittle paint makes huh?


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