Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rose Bowl Flea Market

These photos were taken at the Rose bowl Flea Market last Sunday.
This time, my daughter came with us too. She bought a few vintage clothes for herself. :D

I almost bought the hallway tree in the picture. It was $130.00
and I thought the price was pretty good. It was an unusual design and
size wise it was just perfect for my house front door hallway.
Unfortunately, it didn't fit in my car. Oh~well!!

LOOK at these bird house lamps!!
Aren't they so pretty?
The lady who sells them actually created the design and made them as well.
She has so many beautiful shabby chic furniture's that I look forward to
see her booth every month. Her price is also very reasonable.

A lot of vendors didn't show up, because it rained that day.
But I found what I was looking for..

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