Friday, February 20, 2009

" Benji "

Benji was a lost dog wondering around the neighborhood in North Hollywood. I tried desperately to find his owners, but sadly I had no luck. So I took him in and fostered him. He was filthy and thin, but didn't show any signs of abuse. He was so obedient and friendly I was almost certain that he used to be some one's loving pet.

After just one week after Benji came to my house, I decided to find his new owner rather than to list him through Life 4 Paws, because he was so good that i didn't even need to train him or try to correct his behavior. He was well ready for a new family. That's how Laura who is my co- worker adopted Benji. The photos shown on top are the actual photos I showed to Laura before she adopted him. As soon as she saw that pictures, she just fell in love with Benji. Who wouldn't?

Benji is now "Jack" living the happy and good life with his new mom.

The End


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