Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love what I got

On Friday, I rushed out of my office after work to make it to "Bella Cottage" before they closed. I needed to get some appliques for my Victorian Antique Secretary Desk shown in the photo on top which has been standing in the corner of my dining room for the past 8 years. I finally removed it to my living room last week. I am going to paint it antique white and decorate it with pretty appliques.

Well, sadly I never made it to Bella Cottage. About 5 blocks away from Bella Cottage, I saw a huge yard sale,and that cabinet caught on my eyes. So I had no choice, but to stop by for a few minutes. Sure! Just for few! I got the secretary desk with hutch for $80 and the white shabby display cabinet for $20. I am going to paint both cabinets with antique white and put some appliques. I live just 15 minuets away from Bella Cottage, but her store closes on the weekends and she closes at 5:00PM weekdays. I work in downtown LA and the traffic in LA is so unpredictable so even though I live close by Bella Cottage, it's not easy for me to go shop at Bella Cottage.
OK, this time, I could have made it if I just ignored the yard sale. hehe..

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