Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mannequin, Apron and Tea Cozy

After seeing a mannequin from Melanie's blog,
I wanted to have a mannequin in my kitchen.

I searched the Internet and found a great website with a variety of mannequins with each one having it's own unique design and price. I bought my brand new mannequin for only $29.99. For such a cheap price it's very well made. I decided to name her Sarah and she is size 4 - 6;
The main reason I wanted to get a mannequin in my kitchen was to display an apron to give more accent to my kitchen theme and to display the aprons for a special occasions or the holidays..

My current kitchen theme is a rooster. I fell in love with Daisy's cupcake apron which was made by Melanie B for Daisy's birthday gift. I asked Melanie B to make me an apron for Sarah

and here..
Isn't it just so~~lovely?

She also made me a tea cozy as an extra to surprise me..

I didn't have a tea cozy before, but now I do . I especially like this tea cozy because I don't have to take it off to pour tea and it’s reversible!

Melanie is so creative, talented, crafty and she's just my type. I can tell how much love and time she put into my apron and tea cozy. I am so proud that she is my online friend!!!

Please check out Melanie B's blog!!


Margarita Stewart said...


Margarita Stewart said...

Duh I see where you got it now..I want one! and the apron is sooo beautiful...your fabrics are the greatest. you have great style.

Margarita Stewart said...

Okay, I thought you listed the website..can you send me the website?
Shannon aka Margarita Stewart

Jenny said...

Aaah, Suzie, as always you make everything look so beautiful! I love the mannequin, wonder what the shipping would be to Oz!! the apron and the tea cozy look adorable, I just love that rooster fabric so much!
hugs from downunder!!

Mary said...

Wonderful, wonderful post! I love pretty and fresh. Love the apron and the mannequin, and the rooster fabric is great! Very nice! Mary

Sue said...

Are you willing to share your source for the mannequin? I got one on ebay years ago but would love another one and your price is unreal!

Anonymous said...

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prashant said...

your fabrics are the greatest. you have great style.

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kanishk said...

your fabrics are the greatest. you have great style.

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sanjeet said...

just love that rooster fabric so much!
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