Thursday, July 16, 2009


so I 've been searching for a hall tree for a very long time and every single time I thought I found a great one for my house I was unable to buy it. I guess they weren't meant to be mine...One time I found this hall tree that I absolutely fell in love with and I was on my way to tell the owner of the store that I was going to buy it, but this lady ran past me and got to the owner first. It was then sold to her in front of my eyes!!!!!.I was really heartbroken.'s only a material thing...I survived...Then another time I found the cutest hall tree at Pasadena flea market. It was the perfect size for my entry and a great price for my budget, but it would not fit in my SUV! My car was already filled with other things I bought, like this cabinet I bought. OH!! My Buddha! give me wisdom to put this hall tree in my loaded car!!!

SO...searching for my hall tree continues until a few weeks ago I went to the Simi valley thrift store. I found this huge, but stunning antique shabby chic hall tree cabinet with 3 mirrors.This one was absolutely gorgeous!!! But then I knew this would not fit in my entry way, because it was a huge piece of furniture that would only fit in castle or a mansion! But, I got curious and asked the man at the store about it and he told me this was donated by Mitchell who is Ozzy Osborn's wife and the price was $150.00. You know.. the price was actually very reasonable!! It was a steal! It was the most beautiful piece of antique shabby chic hall tree furniture I've ever seen! I was SOOOO tempted to get it, but then, where would I put it? It's a shame I didn't have my camera with me that day or I would have shown you a picture. that didn't work out...It wasn't meant to be mine...
So as I turned around and headed to the door to way out, this huge mirror standing up against the wall caught my I went close to mirror to take a look at it..It was so old and dusty as I expected it to be...the mirror wasn't something I was interested in and it certainly was not my style!! But I checked the price anyway...... $4.99...That's right this mirror was $4.99!
WOW!! I thought... with this price I will transform the mirror to my style and make it to work in my house entry. After a long search of finding a hall tree for my house entry, I've finally found something that was meant to be mine, Thank you!

Please wait to see the transformation on this mirror!!! I won't let you down!!! :D


~Allie~ said...


Donna-FFW said...

UNFREAKING believable.. $4.99, what a great deal. I can not wait to see what u do to it:)

kate said...

That mirror is beautiful at any price, great story about your hall tree and meant to to you

Sue said...

You really scored one with that mirror! $4.99 is just beyond comprehension. I love the feather insignia on the top....sort of like Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic logo. Can't wait to see what you do with it. wow. Sue

Melanie said...

That mirror is awesome!

Like your Buddah. ;-) I have a white one with gold detail on the armoir in my living room that my grandmother bought me. Hopefully, he's bringing us luck.


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